In translating a written text, it needs to be transformed and moulded into the target language and culture. Simply speaking, the text’s function doesn’t change in the target language; it’s rather a matter of rendering the correct words and their meanings in the other language.  Doing this, however, demands a strong and encompassing knowledge of the language, the topic and the culture.

We translate general, easily understandable texts as well as highly specialized technical texts such as machine descriptions, computer handbooks, legal documents, all types of contracts, economic and business texts, commercial terms and conditions, company reports, year-end reports, etc. In addition, we are legally certified translators and have the power to certify documents if needed.

As our client, you have a say in the quality of your translation and our service. We want you to feel confident that we are doing our best to please you and provide you with the best translation your text can possibly be. Please also allow us enough time to accomplish this.
The amount of time required for a proper translation depends on the length of the text, as well as its difficulty, the required language combination and the quality of the source/original text.
Please include the following information when inquiring about translating your text:

-the required language combination
-the country for which the translation is intended
-the type of translation required (for information, rough translation for basic understanding of content, for publishing)
-does the text need to be legally certified and stamped?
-is specific formatting required?
-when does the text need to be delivered?

To optimize you company’s texts, we ask you to kindly provide us with any translation “helpers” you may have that could help us with any topic-specific jargon, i.e. glossaries, reference and parallel texts, so that we may make your texts as understandable as possible.